Mini Katori Chaat

Finger foods ~ Mini Katori Chaat


Who said a chip has to be eaten with a dip such as salsa or guacamole? Today, I came up with my version of eating a tortilla chip the Indian way. If you are familiar with Katori chaat, (katori meaning a small vessel that holds all goodies) you are probably aware that the process takes time to make each katori. I thought why not I make use of the tostito’s scoops and use them as my pre-made mini katori’s and use it in some Indian-ized chaat. It is bite size, easy to make and tastes great.

The idea did not come to me right away but as I was contemplating to make something for an evening snack with some of my left over sprouted hara channa, my eyes suddenly spotted the tostito’s left over from the Super Bowl event. The rest is history.


Tostito’s scoops
Any kind of legume you may I like. I used sprouted hara channa
Sprouted Mung bean (optional)
Tomatoes chopped into small pieces.
Onion finely chopped
Aloo (Potato) booiled and cut into small pieces
Red chili powder as per taste
Salt per taste
Dhania (Cilantro) finely chopped
finely chopped green chili (optional)
Chaat Masala. I prefer Badshah brand.
Dahi (Yogurt), Meethi (Tamarind-Date)Chutney, Dhania chutney (optional, but preferred)
Sev (optional)

Mix the legumes, mung beans, aloo and spices. Place a spoonful of this mixture in each tostito. Pour a little dahi, meethi chutney, dhania chutney. Top it off with onions, tomatoes and fresh dhania. You can use any combinations of dahi, meethi chutney, dhania chutney and not necessarily use all three. In my experiment, using at least one of the three is a must as it makes the chaat not feel dry while eating. Enjoy your chaat.

Mini Katori Chaat

NOTE: Please adjust the number of onions, tomatoes and other ingredients to as many number of people. It’s hard to measure how many pieces each person might like to eat since it is a bite size food. Hence I did not put precise information on the ingredients.

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19 Responses to Mini Katori Chaat

  1. Apurva says:

    Looks yummy, I can try this as an appetizer

  2. vimmi says:

    Thats a great idea. will try it soon

  3. Shweta says:

    That is such a great idea!

  4. masalamagic says:

    these look delicious! When i was in India recently i had katori chaat – the katoori’s were mad eof grated aloo and looked like netted katoris (you know like a channi) – they were delicious. I’ve been wanting to try them at home but making those katoris is so danuting! this is a great idea!

  5. Dhivya says:

    Oh these luks such a darling. Your snaps are great 🙂

  6. 365daysveg says:

    Thank you so much each one of you for your lovely comments. Certainly, post any suggestions that you might like to see and I will try my best to live up to it.

  7. Kaykat says:

    A great idea! These look delicious, maybe I’ll try this with baked pita chips sometime 🙂

  8. Timepass says:

    very very tempting..good idea

  9. Pooja V says:

    Looks yummy and chatpata. I will try and make this at home coz i have some chips at home.

  10. Mona says:

    Never heard of Tostito scoops anytime, i’m not sure if these are available at my place too, Those look so cute 🙂

  11. Trupti says:

    I love this chat. My method is same. Try using Tamarind Chutney also will taste great.

  12. alpa says:

    Absolutely beautiful… this would be wonderful to make while watching a 3 hour long bollywood flick 🙂

  13. Meg Wolff says:

    Beautiful … mouth watering!

  14. roopa says:

    I made mini katori chaat while back, except I made my mini katori out of phyllo dough – your way looks MUCH easier! Good shortcut!

  15. Bindi says:

    You know I just got the same idea of using tositos as a katori or canape..i was going to use a corn based stuffing with it..but this idea sounds much indian going to make these appetizers & your paneer bhurji pillows with puff pastry sheets for my husband’s birthday bash..!!thanks fr posting such yummy & interesting recipes..keep going!!:)

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