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Thai Red Curry

Oh let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… well, it does not snow where I live but certainly a cold winter. I like to sit next to the fireplace, cuddled inside a blanket and sip some hot tea. … Continue reading

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Multigrain Childa

Winter is here and with walks in the neighborhood or to the park gets tough, eating healthy all the more becomes essential. Of course going to the gym is always an option or finding time for yoga is good, but … Continue reading

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Mighty Kale Paratha

OMG, its been a long time since I sat down to pen on my experiences from my kitchen. Life is very busy with two kids and I have also been reading up and learning photography. Check out my sample work … Continue reading

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Mighty Kale Sandwich

Hello there my friends, it has been a while since I posted but this post is going to make up for it. It is super easy, super delicious and super nutritious. Yes, I am talking Kale. Do you know why … Continue reading

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Dal Dhokli

Rajasthan is a state that is rich in culture, vibrant in colors, plenty of temples particularly Jain temples, heavy in tourism and the list keeps growing. The folks dance is amazing and people are very caring and loving. I love … Continue reading

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Quinoa Edamame Pulao

Winter is here and we all know what it can do to us. Any guess? Well, if not you, there used to be when I used to exercise less, felt lethargic, and to top it off I craved for unhealthy … Continue reading

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On a cold day when the sun shy’s away and powerful dark thick clouds is what you see anywhere you turn around, there is not much one could do and it’s absolutely true with me. I crave for something hot, soupy … Continue reading

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MultiGrain Veggie Open Faced Sandwich

Life is super darn busy with 2 little boys keeping me on my toes all from dawn to dusk. I have no time to sit and sip a cup of tea or watch my favorite cooking programs or read a … Continue reading

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Tomato Mint Pulao

Time is ticking and I just have a handful of hours to kill before the big day arrives, I am still trying to cook and enjoy foods that I like. I know it sounds crazy but I somehow have been … Continue reading

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Polenta Sandwiches

I have been making a lot of comfort foods due to long cold winter days so I thought I of adding a few non-Indian comfort foods too as soon as I saw my favorite chef and food network star Giada … Continue reading

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Moong Dal Paratha

A blend of cooked moong bean, whole wheat flour, aromatic spices and herbs all put-together and rolled into one heck of a paratha (bread) and pan cooked with just a drizzle of oil and eaten hot. Now tell me that … Continue reading

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