Vegetarian food made simple for everyday cooking.©

I am a food lover and thanks to my husband for being one too. The blog has been a long time due but I always had excuses to not work on it. But now, I promise to keep this up-to-date and also add nutritional values as much as as possible. I must admit that my real inspiration for cooking came from none other than the queen of Everyday Italian, Giada De Laurentiis. Thanks to her enthusiasm for cooking that has dug my hidden passion into something worthwhile. I will also add that my husband has a passion for food which merely goes to his upbringing; yes, my Mother-in-Law is an amazing cook and hence he has an inclination towards food cooked in a way which makes his taste buds jump in triumph! And last but not least, how can I forget my dear Mom who has always been a source of inspiration in creating simple yet very satisfying meals day in and day out. I hope to carry on the simplicity of preparing food from her and pass it on to my family and friends!

The recipes shared in this website are tested in my kitchen unless stated otherwise. I am no expert by any means but the recipes posted on this site are tried and enjoyed by my family. The measurements of ingredients in each recipe are not to be taken literally as everyone’s taste buds vary. So, please adjust them to suite your palate. If you tried a recipe and added some variations, feel free to share it with me and others.

All views expressed here are purely by me and my family; you “may” need not agree, which is okay but RUDENESS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. All the images are taken at home and strictly not be copied and used elsewhere unless we give the permission. You may also find that many tips and other nutritional information expressed on this site are passed down from generations and some of them are taken from Wikipedia. Do not take them literally, please make your own sound judgment.

My ancestors are originally from Rajasthan but immigrated to the south and my husband is from Rajasthan so you will find recipes both from North and South. There will be recipes from other parts of the world too as we are food lovers and love traveling too.

Having said all these Thanks a bunch for visiting my website and please feel free to send me suggestions to make this site better and more useful.

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  1. Sucharita says:


    This is great. Will let you know as I try these recipes out. Keep on adding new ones!!!


  2. 365daysveg says:

    Thanks Suchi!. I will try my best to keep this up-to-date

  3. vasantha says:

    Your autobiagraphy reads equally interesting. Simplicity in the preparation of food seems to be one great point in your favour. congratulations

  4. Mona says:

    I love your blog dear. You have a very nice collection of recipes. Keep up the good work!

  5. Edward Kiruluta says:

    This is a great site. I don’t know how you find the time to be so creative. Keep it up!

  6. Pankaj says:


    Grate job. I really like your presentation with recipe. I work for Indian restaurant. I wish they can offer more Indian healthy vegetarian food rather those Chicken Tikka Masala etc.

  7. Srivalli says:

    Nice place you have here..interesting to read your intro…looking forward to many more to come!

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  9. rosh says:

    YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGG!!!! I’m definitely gonna try some of your recipes…my mouth watered with some of the pics you have posted 🙂

    Have you thought about publishing a book? I would buy it 🙂

  10. 365DaysVeg says:

    HI Rosh,

    Thanks for your comments. I have plans of publishing a book, but it has a long way to go. First of all, I need to give my site more visibility where more people can come and post their comments, requests etc. So, yes, feel free to pass it along your family & friends. I will certainly let you know when the day the cookbook comes out.

  11. inkinmyveins says:


    Came across your blog while perusing on another vegetarian food blog; what an amazing piece of work you’ve got going here! I have been trying to get more motivated to teach myself more and more authentic regional Indian cuisine and your blog is really doing it for me! As a fellow vegetarian, it’s very inspiring to see such creative genius as yours.

    keep up the great work and wish you all the success in your endeavors.


  12. Erfan says:


    Keep it up.

    Although I am a non – veggie guy and love to eat non veg but I do visit this site for fantastic mouth watering recepies.

    Also, the pics are gr8.

    Thanks a lot for this gr8 website.


  13. Jaymini says:

    Great blog. And whilst I understand that rudeness is unacceptable, blogs should allow people to express when they think a recipe might be better improved. It’s not being rude, just some people don’t know how to write. Everyone is here to learn and collaborate. And if someone is rude, leave it there and let other readers stand up for you. Keep up the good work. xxxJ

  14. 365DaysVeg says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Jaymin, I can understand what your gist is, so I totally accept your suggestion.

  15. 365DaysVeg says:

    Sorry, I mispelled Jaymini.

  16. Nithu says:

    Wow!! Such an amazing blog is yours. Awesome photos. I just came here to leave a message but i am amazed with your photos and recipes. Nice one. Here is my message:

    This is Shriya & Nithu of SpicyTasty.com. We have hosted a foodie event in our website, “FORTUNE COOKING” and would like to invite you to participate in that. Fortune Cooking Contest is an interesting mix of zodiac signs & food and you stand to win a Jewelry set or $25 Amazon gift card.

    We hope to see your participation and thanks for your time to read our message. Here is the link to our contest:


  17. Hi there, let me start by saying I LOVE your recipes – and your blog is such an amazing body of work – such a huge task you have taken up, and so generous, to share your creativity and expertise with the world… Having only recently joined the Bloggosphere myself, I known how much work is involved in getting things out there…

    I wanted to offer some technical suggestions re your photos… your styling and composition is often STUNNING, but somehow the actual photo quality seems to let the images down… With your cooking and styling, you could really “go pro” – it would be great if the image-quality came up to meet it.

    I don’t claim to be able to take perfect photos yet myself… I am learning all the time from the good people who share their knowledge so freely on the web.

    But here is some of what I have learned while trying:

    Is it ISO? the images look a bit ‘grainy’, losing that ‘salivating’ sharpness you see in magazines – setting the camera to ISO 100 usually solves that…

    Is it the camera lens? A dedicated 50mm Macro lens makes food look amaaaaazing. But even the macro setting on a good point-and-shoot can make things more intimate, adding depth of field and attractive Bokeh (Japanese word for the aesthetic blurring of the background with sharpness in the foreground).

    Is it the white-balance? In some of your shots the colour-cast spoils the final look… Changing the white-balance settings in the camera under different lighting conditions can really help. Even point-and-shoot cameras have these (it took me ages before I found mine!!! der…!) Lou Manna (food-photography Guru!)has a good post about this: http://www.digitalfoodphotos.com/blog

    Is it the saturation? in some shots, if the colours were just a BIT richer, the image would really make the viewer droooool. I know PhotoShop is a sheer wall many people fear to climb, but Google has FREE software in Picassa that is almost as awesome for changing colour-balance, saturation and sharpness with a few simple clicks. If you want to check it out, go to Google, click ‘More’, click ‘Get Picassa’. Fabulous picture organising tool, and it won’t hurt your originals – it saves a copy.

    Last but not least, Bounce: in-fill light using back-lighting for depth and then reflecting the light to fill the front of the shot – Still-Life-With blog has an excellent article about this: http://stilllifewith.com/2006/09/16/bounce-basics

    and also lighting tips from: http://steamykitchen.com/blog/2008/02/03/lowel-ego-lights-for-food-photography

    I hope this is useful to you and to others… I offer these suggestions with kindness and respect.

  18. Suku says:

    I really love ur website.
    It is really awesome.
    I tried several recipes, they really turned out well and got compliments.
    I was impressed with Quinoa, wonder grain.
    I was looking out where i can purchase this grain.
    I looked most of the stores in baltimore, but could not find.
    Can please let me know where i can buy in baltimore or any other source.

  19. 365DaysVeg says:

    Hi Suku,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments. You can find quinoa at the whole foods market or Trader Joe’s. I google’d and found that whole foods is at the following addresses in Baltimore.

    1001 Fleet St., Suite A, Baltimore – (410) 528-1640
    1330 Smith Ave # 3, Baltimore – (410) 532-6700

    and Trader Joe’s is at:
    1809 Reisterstown Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21208
    (410) 484-8373

    You can buy in loose at the whole foods. I hope this helps.

  20. Romy says:

    Hi. Im wondering if you can send me a recipe for tradional curry sauce?

  21. PH says:

    Very nice blog! Love the pictures! I am blogrolling you.

  22. Boo says:


    I run a website that let people to learn more about foods and their country of origin. My site is still new(just launched last in July 2008) and I would love to see your participation in http://www.plentytoeat.com and hope that your blog will get more traffics from http://www.plentytoeat.com

  23. Nari says:

    Hi there,
    Nice blog, will check it more. I came here while checking the search rankings for ‘stuffed poblano peppers’ as I got some hits on my blog. I should check your blog for recipes soon. Yay

  24. veeenajan says:

    HI ..
    Its a great blog ..Keep up the good work..i adding u in my blog roll with ur permission …

  25. Latha says:

    Awwwwwesome is the word….wonderful job ! I love your blog and been wanting to send my congrats to u … so here I am. Your recipes are simple to make.I look up your blog anytime I want to make something special and different for my family. They turn out good. Thanks ..

  26. KIRTI says:

    hats off 2 u really!!!

    u know we all r tooo busy in our lives to take time out like this ….i m amazed as how u r sharing this beautiful gift of u with all of us…i havnt tried anything yet bt i m sure it’l really help in my quest of findig different things.

    thanks once again n pls keep on experimenting and giving such handy recipies…

    bye 🙂

  27. Subha says:


    I always keep browsing through various food blogs for new recipes. But somehow missed to see yours until today. Wow. You have some amazing, creative yet simple recipes. I am pretty sure that I am going to try out most of them. Keep up the good work.


  28. Vani B says:

    Congratulations on the great blog. Great pics. You could/should definitely go “pro”.
    Good luck on your pregnancy – hope it is going great. Happy New Year!

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Vani, Thanks for taking time to take a look at my blog. My pregnancy is going on really well and I can expect to see my little bundle of love anytime. Hence the slow down in my blogging off late.

      Happy New Year to you too.

  29. Chana says:

    Birthing Blessings * * * * * * * *
    Good to see you writing here again,
    I had enjoyed the recipes for veggies, especially, for kerala, the long necked squash, and chayote.
    Today I find the lovely introduction of the stuffed and spiced red peppers. Also the notes about buying in bulk.
    Thank you, Chana

  30. Leela Pienaar says:

    I’ve just returned from a 3wk holiday in Rajasthan where I tasted all manner of delicacies e.g. besan, poha, all kinds of parathas etc. Now I want to try out these recipes so I was delighted to find your website which gives authentic recipes plus helpful hints – thank you! Now my challenge is finding the ingredients in Grahamstown (Eastern Cape), South Africa where I live. We are 900-1000 km distant from Durban with the largest Indian population outside India. In Durban I know I would find every possible Indian spice. But dear old Grahamstown is still a former colonial town on the frontier..wish me luck!

    • 365DaysVeg says:


      I am very glad that you had a wonderful experience in India. Rajasthani food is very delicious and very unique and I am happy that you gotto experience it.
      I wish you good luck and I am sure you will find everything you need and they will come out GREAT.


  31. archanaccp says:

    gr8 site…n excellent recipes…

    Keep it up…

    looking forward to more such recipes


  32. rekha says:


    I want to know where can i buy Quinoa in Bombay and hyderabad. Does anyone know what is it called locally or does it have an indian name

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Rekha, Thanks for checking out the recipe. Quinoa is called Quinoa only even in India. I am not sure which shop you get. Basically the idea of this recipe is to substitue Sooji/Rava with other grains and intake more whole grains. If you do not find Quinoa try any other grain that you want to give a try. I am sure it will work.


  33. Kelli Garner says:

    Great site, how do I subscribe?

  34. Sara says:

    Just found your blog, and plan to share it with many others. Thanks!!

  35. Hi, 365DaysVeg

    Your site looks really great and useful. I set a link to my wife – hope she will like it too.

    Keep up good work!

    Benard Lawrencia

  36. Colosceum says:

    We came across your blog and we think what we are doing would really interest you.
    Your blog is very interesting and a we are making a show on the same line that is cooking. It is called MASTERCHEF INDIA which will be on air soon on STAR PLUS with AKSHAY KUMAR being a part of it.
    Contact us at : project.protein@colosceum.com
    Phone no: +91 – 9820125231
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    Other Link : http://www.facebook.com/?page=1&sk=messages#!/event.php?eid=124273537604079&index=1

  37. awesome work! where did the inspiration come from?

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Thanks Courtney. True inspiration is from my Mom’s cooking. I have not come across anyone until date who can make simple food so delicious and extremely fast. Her cooking does not include elaborate details or sauces or gravies or grinding masala (spices) etc but very very simple and each time it is mouth watering. I wanted to carry on this for generations to come.

  38. Raj Iyengar says:

    I was looking for a blog like this. Now that have found it, I will visit it quite often and when feasible give my inputs. For now, I need to know the place in Bangalore where I can buy Quinoa. Thanks


    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Thanks so much Raj. Unfortunately I am unaware of where to look for Quinoa in Bangalore. If I hear or come across, I will certainly post a note in my blog.

  39. Deepika says:

    I my self is a grt food lover n loves to experiment a lot n i came across ur site n i love it n have tried out recipes too grt job n look forward to more on chaats n some quick recipes frm u

    again thnkss alot to start this blog

  40. Deepika says:

    yes i have tried it already n it came out yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………yaa no issues as even iam a new mom now i have a 5 n half mth old son.. i understand 🙂

  41. Surekha says:

    Love your blog !! Just came across it when I was surfing the web…and getting ready to post something on my blog. If you get a chance, please visit me at http://surekha-myrecipescollection.blogspot.com/
    Hope to see you there. Surekha

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Surekha, thanks so much for your sweet comments. Best wishes with you blog. Its fun and we all learn a lot from each other.

  42. arijitspeaks says:

    What an incredible post you’ve got! The dishes themselves are enough to make one perpetually hungry, but the photographs just left me totally drooling. Although it’s jut unfair to single out one amongst these incredible stuff, I can’t help but compliment you specially on your Rosogolla. By God! They are quite perfect! May God bless you with a long and healthy life and may you keep posting such delicious posts.

    With Slurpy Regards,

  43. I love your blog! I am doing a four month vegetarian challenge for myself and your recipes will help alot.

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Thank you Sarah! Good Luck with vegetarianism, There are plenty of Delicious easy recipes not just a mere salad!

  44. JFT says:

    Hi! I nominated you for (which means you receive) an Inspiring Blog Award. I’ve provided a link on my blog to yours, along with the reasons I nominated/awarded you. Or at least as much of “the reasons” as I can manage to put into words. Follow the rather flexible rules of the award (outlined on my blog) if you will. In any case, this gave me the opportunity to let you know that I really do appreciate your blog and the time you take in writing it!

  45. Nivedita says:

    Loved your blog. Just found it as I was looking for a recipe for dalia. I am looking forward to trying new recipes. Have already decided to try rasgulla, oatmeal idlis and spritz cookies.
    Also, hope you and the baby are doing well. Found out from your posts that you were expecting your LO. I have a four year old and a 6 month old. Life definitely is a lot busier now, still hope you would find some time to yourself and on a selfish note, some time to add more awesome recipes to your blog :). Take care.

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Thank you Nivedita. I hope I get back to the routine in full swing of blogging but I am truly enjoying my little one soooo much..

  46. Loving this blog, what a great idea!

    We are 2 veggies who have just launched a blog about all the great spots in Madrid for finding vegetarian grub! After living in Madrid for almost a year, we’ve now got a few vegetarian-friendly destinations tucked away up our sleeves, and we felt that it’d be nice to share them with all the veggie visitors to this fantastic European capital city! Enjoy!


    2 veggies

  47. Sarah says:

    Hello I just came across your blog and I loved it. Your posts are great, I especially loved the recipes out here. I just started my own blog to post some wonderful moroccan recipes please feel free to check out my story at my blog vegetarianstories.com

  48. Anna Maria says:

    Hello, I just discovered your blog while searching for a recipe for Aloo Tikki and am so happy to have found all your mouth watering recipes. I’ve been living in Italy for 2 years and, believe it or not, since I do not eat meat, including the numerous forms of cold cuts that are abundant here, I’ve become a bit bored with food. Now I’m excited to try some new recipes and flavors that will remind me of what I was able to get in San Francisco during my very long stay there! Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  49. Sandeep Kumbhat says:

    Priya di –
    Really liked your elegant veg-cooking website with innovative recipes. Great job!

  50. Cheryl says:

    Please post a recipe for saag paneer. It is my absolute fave and I would love to make it!

  51. Chandana Hathi says:

    Hi there .. just found your blog! Its great .. I could not find a “Facebook Like” button? Am I just missing it?

    • Pia says:

      Chandana, thank you for checking out the blog. I do not have any FB pages, Im simply writing recipes to share with everyone. I have not set up any FB pages. And also this blog theme does not support FB add-on buttons etc. Hope you will still check out my blog.

  52. Bonny Singh says:

    Hi, Found your blog while searching for one-pot vegetarian Indian food. Read your post since the beginning, a great blog and some great recipes. Hope you continue to put these recipes. Thanks.

    • Pia says:

      Thank you so much Bonny for your kind words. I sure will continue to post new recipes as often as I can. Life has become a lot busier after kids!

      • Bonny Singh says:

        Well, I must say they will miss your food when they eat in College mess. As, I have to miss my Mom’s food in college now 😦

  53. Pia says:

    I agree with you. Even I miss it very much. Can’t replace or there is nothing equivalent to moms food!

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