Two Sweet Hearts

Say “I Love you” to someone special ~ Two Sweet Hearts for Valentines Day

Growing up back in India, I remember how fast valentines day was catching up and getting popular among the youth. It was such a special day not only for that special someone in your life but also for all the card, gift and cake shops. Their business boomed and today marketing campaigns have started for V day. There is no etiquette for V day but somehow the culture has formed one. There are various quintessential valentine’s day gift ranging from cards, chocolates, heart shaped gift to something more.

Many have bewildered whether is it necessary to take out one day and express the love for that special person when we know for sure that we love that someone and express in some form or the other all year around. This topic could be an endless debate. So, I will leave it to your personal preference as long as you are happy either way and I am happy making something sinful – a dessert.


1 cup sooji (semolina)
2 & 1/2 cups milk
Sugar to taste
1/2 tsp elaichi (cardamom) powder
some kesar(saffron) for color soaked in 1/2 cup milk
some golden kishmish (raisins) soaked in water
2 tbsp Ghee (clarified butter)

Two Sweet Hearts – for A Heart for your Valentine

Heat ghee in a pan. Add sooji and toast it well for a few minutes until get the aroma and it slightly turn golden. Now add the milk and let it cook until it slightly thickens. Add the elaichi powder, kesar milk. Notice that the kesar milk would have turned somewhat orange from the kesar. Add sugar and allow it to boil until it thickens. Transfer it to plate and rest it cool down a bit before using a cookie cutter to cut out the desired shape; in my case heart shaped for valentines day. It is simple to make and the flavor from the elaichi and kesar was just incredible. Something sweet for my sweetheart.

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15 Responses to Two Sweet Hearts

  1. Mona says:

    Happy V-Day deay, Enjoy! My hubby also says the same thing, why celebrate only one day out of love for the one you love each and every day.. 🙂 Anyways, the Meetha looks very beautiful.

  2. vimmi says:

    the hearts look delicious. valentine hearts.

  3. dhivya says:

    wow.. sounds great and looks delicious too,Happy V day

  4. Apurva says:

    Sounds good Happy V’day

  5. RedChillies says:

    I agree about the sensitive topic and spirals into an endless debate. Even I beleive that you don’t need one day to express love to that special someone. Loved your special sheera.

  6. sra says:

    The picture’s really beautiful!

  7. Deepa says:

    Awesome hearts ….your sheer is yummy!!

  8. zorra says:

    Cute Valentine hearts!

    Thank you for your participation, I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day.

  9. bakinghistory says:

    Hello , what a beautiful semolina dessert! I am so glad I found your blog (via Zorra’s roundup of the “A heart for your Valentine” blog event)—your blog is wonderful!! I love Indian vegetarian cuisine, and your recipes look great. I have added you to my blogroll.

    –manuela (bakinghistory)

  10. Hi I left you a comment before but it looks like it is gone. I love your blog, Indian vegetarian cuisine is the greatest in my opinion and your recipes look simply wonderful. I added you to my blogroll. I’ll visit often!

  11. TBC says:

    What a lovely pic!

  12. Sonu says:

    Hi there, I just found a very simple recipe with awesome snaps for Valentine Day…! But, why shud I wait till next valentine? 🙂
    It is added in my upcoming recipe for next days. U have created ur blog very gud with picturesque graphics.
    Thanks for sharing ur recipe dear.

  13. during valentines day, i always give my girlfriend a very warm hug that she enjoys “`.

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