Yet Another Copyright violation!!!

Thanks to one of my blog visitor Ramya to point out another copyright violation by Akshay Iyer of – to have copied my murmura picture from here – without any prior permission or credit to my picture. Please check if any of your hard worked blog pictures are copyright violated and protect your blog pictures and if possible block this blogger Akshay Iyer of

Thanks a lot.

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2 Responses to Yet Another Copyright violation!!!

  1. Riya says:

    Looks like he closed his blog.Maybe felt ashamed knowing that he is caught.

    What I really don’t understand is that nowadays people are not at all afraid/worried to steal from other blogs.What is the need for education?!!

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Oh, I did not check if he has closed the blog. It’s not like I will not give permission, but ask first, that simple. Hope you are doing well.

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