Fruit Custard Kheer

Fruit Custard Kheer for this Diwali gathering

Custard and Kheer – both are very popular sweet dishes in India. During auspicious days kheer is preferred over custard but as kids growing up in India anything creamy and yummy was relished. Now, how about a combination of both in a spoonful? Won’t that be too good to be true? Yes, indeed, there is such a dish which marries both these mouth watering desserts into one whole dish and will satisfy everyone. I made these for my Diwali gathering with family & friends and it was a super hit. So, I wanted to share this with you as well and I promise that you will be so delighted by the taste.


4 Cups Milk
2 Cups cooked basmati rice
Custard powder your choice
10 – 15 Red seedless grapes, halved
1 Banana diced
1 Apple diced
1 Orange peeled and diced
1 tbsp butter
1 cup Sugar or as per taste
A few strands of Kesar
1/2 cup Pomegranate pearls

Heat a pan. Add 3 cups milk and rice and let it come to a boil. Reduce heat and cook, stirring continuously, so that the milk does not burn. Take custard powder in a bowl, add the remaining milk and whisk. Heat butter in a pan, add apple, bananas, grapes, orange and one tablespoon sugar and stir. Cover and cook on low heat till the fruits soften. Add the custard powder mixture to the milk/rice mixture and stir. Cook until it thickens. Add the remaining sugar, kesar and stir till all the sugar dissolves. Chill for at least 4 -5 hours. Before serving, Place a spoonful of the stewed fruits into the serving glass, pour the custard kheer over it and sprinkle pomegranate pearls and serve.

Creamy, Delicious, Chilled ~ Fruit Custard Kheer

Always use transparent glass while serving this dish. It will show off the nice layer of the dessert and looks very appetizing.

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24 Responses to Fruit Custard Kheer

  1. Sonu says:

    Hey…nice Kheer with Anardana decoration. 🙂 We calls it Fruit Salad. And you know, I like this same thick kheer. How’s ur Diwali celebration with ur lil?

  2. Ambika says:

    Awesome presentation as always, Love the idea

  3. Neena says:

    Yest another great recipe. Kudos to you.

  4. Michael says:

    Beautiful presentation and clean recipe. I will surely make it. but in the meanwhile can you send me some?

  5. vimal says:

    fusion dessert, looks yummy,
    perfect for diwali

  6. Sangeetha says:

    Pretty much colorful and a feast.

  7. Mona says:

    Lovely dessert!

  8. devender says:

    yummmm 🙂

  9. kukku says:

    right now we dont get anardana in the stores………so with which fruit can we replace it??and can we use 1% milk ………..just to reduce the calories?

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Kukku, if you dont find anardhana you can use fruit that is bright red or orange or yellow color and cut into very small pieces and use it as a garnish instead of anardhana. The point is to garnish with some brightly colored fruit. I hope this helps. Yes, you can use 1% milk by all means.

  10. shivani says:

    i was first time at ur blog yesterday.. n i tried the recipe… for the first time i tried any recipe i got frm net.. but it turned out very yummm…. my hubby liked.. thnku.. keep posting n cooking:)

  11. vijji says:

    great idea i will try it. nice variation to kheer

  12. Gurmeet says:

    Hi,Thanks for this fruit custard kheer.can i use raw fruits except of butter i don’t like butter.

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