Copyright Violation never ends

I recently posted about my accidental discovery of Biryani Bowl/Paratha Point folks very casually printed the aloo tikki picture form my blog and now my good followers of the blog informed me about yet another Indian restaurant in Providence, RI –, proudly promoting their appetizer by stealing the picture from my food blog. I hope readers will avoid going to these cheap eat outs who do not value others hard work and have a courtesy even to ask for permission before putting picture’s taken by others. Legal action will follow through.

Thanks so much to everyone who care and brought this to my attention.

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2 Responses to Copyright Violation never ends

  1. Madhavi says:

    Gal your aloo tikki picture is copied here too…!/photo.php?fbid=125036997551102&set=a.106781626043306.18514.106767396044729

    They copied my Pulav Tadka picture from my blog too :(((

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Madhavi, Thanks for bringing this up. I went to the facebook link and reported the picture as attacking on individual. Do on yours too.

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