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Homemade Satthu

Hello spring where are you? Yes, I keep asking this since there are thunder storms with heavy down pour every day. It was an unusual winter with completely dry days and nature fooled us all including the trees to bloom … Continue reading

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Happy Navratri to all you dear Indians

Happy Navratri to one and all wherever you are ~ Coconut Burfi “Nav” means “nine” and “ratri” means “night”. Thus, he meaning of “Navratri” is “nine nights’. It is one of the most significant festivals for Hindus; especially for Gujratis … Continue reading

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Bengali Sandesh

No meal is complete without mithai ~ Bengali Sandesh Fresh homemade sandesh In India, no meal is complete without mithai. Especially for the Bengali’s the meal is not over without satisfying their sweet tooth and nothing is more loved than … Continue reading

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