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Eggless Chocolate Cupcakes

Ah, Cupcakes! A cake that is beautifully designed to serve one person could be made as decadent as possible to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. It is easy to make and serve for a huge crowd. For someone like … Continue reading

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Petit Pain Au Chocolate

Wow, now that’s a new name and a recipe that is certainly not within my comfort zone. I usually don’t make desserts, I am sure you know it by now. But my 2 yr old is already commanding me to … Continue reading

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Eggless Whole wheat cookies (Naan Khatai)

I am not a cookie fan neither I am a baking enthusiast as it needs meticulously measuring ingredients and tons of ingredients that my pantry requires me to carry. But when I came across this specific cookie I immediately wanted … Continue reading

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Strawberry Ricotta Purse

Desserts ~ Now tell me one person who does not like it. That too easy one yet it will satisfy you on any given day. I have mentioned before that I do not like to make lengthy, tedious desserts. That’s … Continue reading

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Fruit Custard Kheer

Fruit Custard Kheer for this Diwali gathering Custard and Kheer – both are very popular sweet dishes in India. During auspicious days kheer is preferred over custard but as kids growing up in India anything creamy and yummy was relished. … Continue reading

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Double Decker Fudge

Cocoa & Caffeine ~ What could be better than the two most popular concoctions? How about a combination of both? I mean not literally but a sip of hot tea and cold, creamy chocolaty fudge? Sounds yum isn’t it? Who … Continue reading

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Shahi Kheer

Gotto a sweet tooth?, No problem. Solution ~ Shahi Kheer Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Sweet is one of the basic tastes and gives us all the most pleasurable experience. Don’t you agree with me? One of the goodies … Continue reading

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