Copyright Violation ~ Biryani Bowl/Paratha Point, Fremont, CA

I was at the Diwali Mela in Sunnyvale, CA this weekend. Buzzing crowd, colorful decor, beautifully dressed people, lots of shops varying from clothes to artwork and not to mention, food stalls. We were in a group looking through what to eat in each stall and here I come across Biryani Bowl – Paratha Point both owned by the same owner, Praveen who is also a dish network provider and comes as a guest speaker to promote dish network on 1170AM radio channel as well. Wow, what do I see on their stall? Aloo Tikki picture from my blog without any permission or whatsoever from me. I did the hard work of making the dish, taking the picture and posting it and here these people. steal my picture without any shame and posted it on their “Today’s Specials”. I spotted the picture right away and asked them. The excuse they gave me was, they were in a hurry to setup the food stall and downloaded the picture.
They have no clue of what copyright violation means until someone sues them. Our group decided not to do business there and went ahead and ate at other stalls.

So, fellow blogger’s, beware of restaurants like these who don’t care for others hard work and simply steal to promote their business.

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13 Responses to Copyright Violation ~ Biryani Bowl/Paratha Point, Fremont, CA

  1. amy says:

    They probably think ordinary people can’t do anything about it. It makes you wonder how many are out there stealing….

  2. Anukampa says:

    that’s sad..this is not the first time something like this has happened. People like these should be punished. Leading newspapers are also doing the same thing.
    I am totally with you on this.

  3. DGr says:

    This is happening all the time. It’s a good job you were there at the time and spotted it. Do you think they will heed what you have told them?

    • 365DaysVeg says:

      Thanks David for the support. I doubt they would do anything. But unless people like us at least take the step and make everyone else aware, things will continue to happen this way. At least some people will “consider” not going to restaurants with such low ethics.

  4. Meghna says:

    Wow! thanka for posting this … good pointer for a new bogger like me… Great Blog !!

  5. sowmya says:

    Didn’t you have water mark on your pics ?

  6. aisha says:

    this is a great blog i just came across love your recipes keep it up

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