Pizza Uttappam

We all love uttappam or dosa of any kind and for the most part good thin crust pizza with loads of vegetables, don’t we? For that matter even kids love dosa’s and pizza’s. How about if we combine the best of both? Sounds unrealistic? How about if I share my recipe that was a super duper hit in a get-together recently in my home and I served slices of pizza uttappam as an appetizer! It is easy, healthy, you can control your oil, cheese, add any vegetable of your choice and the best part is, there is no right or wrong in this dish. Do it ask you like. Sounds yummy already isn’t it? Without making you wait much further, here is the recipe.

Pizza Uttappam

– Left over idli or dosa batter
– Vegetables of your choice. I used bell pepper and carrots
– Pizza sauce or tomato chutney
– Cheese of your choice
– Pickled jalapenos (optional)
– Oil according to amount of vegetables
– Salt per taste

Grate carrots, and thinly slice the bell pepper. Heat some oil in a pan and sauté the vegetable just enough until they soften, add salt as per taste. Turn off the heat. Heat dosa pan and pour a laddle full of batter just like you would for an uttappam, a little on the thicker side rather than the thin crispy dosa. Cover it with a lid while it is cooking. Flip the side and turn off the stove and let it cook iin that heat for about a minute or two. Now flip it again and pour some pizza sauce or tomato chutney on the dosa and spread it just like you would on a pizza. Turn on the heat back and keep it on sim and place all the vegetables, jalapenos and sprinkle cheese, cover it with a lid until cheese starts to melt. Cut it with a pizza cutter or a knife into slices and serve. This dish was such a hit among kids and grown-ups alike. So enjoy it in your next party!

A Slice of Pizza Uttappam

NOTE: If you do not know how to make dosa or idli batter, these days it is available in stores. Google search the recipe for now, but I will definitely post one soon.

TIP: Make the pizza ready before your guests arrive. Just before serving, microwave it to warm it and then place it on the pan, sprinkle cheese, let it melt and serve hot.

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3 Responses to Pizza Uttappam

  1. Sharanjit says:

    looks yummy..I’m gonna try soon look very tempting

  2. Priti says:

    Oh looks so tempting..great recipe dear

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