Endless Copyright Violation

Thanks to yet another reader of my blog to point out another copyright violation by a Pakistani, Munazzah – http://specialpakistanirecipes.blogspot.com/2008/09/stuffed-aloo-tikki.html to have copied my Aloo Tikki picture from here –https://365daysveg.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/aloo-tikki/ without any prior permission or credit to my picture. How easily without any guilt people like these can steal others pictures and claim their own without any permission from us or credit to our blog. Please check if any of your hard worked blog pictures are copyright violated and protect your blog pictures and if possible block this blogger Munazzah of http://specialpakistanirecipes.blogspot.com.

Thanks a lot.

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3 Responses to Endless Copyright Violation

  1. Nirupama says:

    I noticed your website says 365 days vegetarian but one of your festive dishes made out of coconut uses silver foil for garnishing. The so called edible silver foil from India is beaten into a foil over animal skin. So it really is not vegetarian et al. Hope this information helps.


    • 365DaysVeg says:


      Thanks for addressing this issue. I did not buy the silver foil from anywhere but from a Jain mandir. Being a Jain, I know that ahimsa or non-violence is the main and foremost principle of the religion which Gandhiji also adopted from Jainism. So, the one that the mandir sells are not produced the way you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing your concerns.

  2. SilverTiger says:

    My text and pictures often turn up elsewhere on the Web, despite my copyright notices. Picture sites collect my photos and various sorts of sites collect the text, sometimes without any acknowledgement as to where it comes from.

    I have been successful on several occasions in having the material removed. It is easiest if the plagiarist agrees to remove it but if s/he doesn’t, then you have to go higher (i.e. the the site host or to their suppliers) and things then become tricky as you generally have to prove legal ownership of the material. You will have to submit a DMCA notice.

    I bravely fought through all this on two occasions and won. Now, though, I often turn a blind eye simply because of the time and energy that it takes and the fact that unless you are prepared to go all the way to court and still risk losing, you might as well not start.

    People who steal other people’s posts are called “scrapers” in the trade. They rarely make a success of their site and usually disappear after a while, though that isn’t much consolation to you while it is happening.

    There are various things you can do, such as registering your posts but in the end it all comes down to whether or not you are prepared to go all the way up to legal action. Most of us cannot afford to do that.

    Email me (address in my sidebar), if you want to discuss it further.

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