Pineapple Pops

Pineapple chunks

Who doesn’t like Popsicle? This frozen delight is a favorite for both kids and grown-ups alike. These days you name the flavor, you can get it in the store. On a hot summer day, it can quench anyone’s thirst. I hated removing my tooth when I was little due to a minor accident at home but what gave me strength was the fact that I get to eat my favorite flavor of popsicle or ice-cream. My Mamma used to make a variety of ice-cream at home with very simple ingredients and milk as the main base and each time it came out so yum. After all, it is Mom’s hand’s trick which can never be replaced. Right? Today, I made my version of popsicle at home because due to pregnancy cravings, I felt like having some but still a healthier version compared to store bought.

Recipe: (Makes for 6 approx)

Pineapple – < 8 oz can
Milk – 1/3 cup
Honey for sweetness
Jelly or Jello – Gelatin free

In a food processor blend pineapple, milk, honey; blend until almost smooth, with some chunks of pineapple remaining. Remove 1/2 of it and blend the rest completely smooth. Mix it with the chunky 1/2 part. Prepare jello any flavor your prefer as per package instructions. Before it is cool, pour a little bit of it in every popsicle mold. Let it cool so that it solidifies.

Jello and pineapple purée in the popsicle mold

Now pour the pineapple mixture in every mold, cover it and freeze it for 3 – 4 hours or until ice-cream is formed. When serving, run the popsicle mold under water so as to loosen the ice-cream and slowly remove from mold. Home made popsicle is ready.

Pineapple Pops

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13 Responses to Pineapple Pops

  1. Sonu says:

    Cool…! my mouth is licking on screen.:P

  2. sandhiya says:

    ooopppss…isn’t it cute or what?Pineapple in pops…i am drooling here..

  3. D. Jain says:

    This looks great…but where did you find vegetarian Jello?

  4. sangeeth says:

    ooooo lovely ! luved the color combo! drollin!

  5. Mansi says:

    Looks lovely! wish it weren’t winter here, I would love to have one of those, but not when I’m sneezing 50 times a day!:)

  6. priyanka says:

    thats a great idea….and i agree-everybody loves pineapples.

  7. Bhawana says:

    looking mouthwatering. I am yet to start trying ice creams and shakes :).

  8. Hi,
    The pineapple popsicle is mouth watering. The photos of all your posts look excellent.

  9. Nidhi says:

    wow…this looks very yum..

  10. S. Ananaya says:

    Hello, I am a regular visitor to your website and I love the presentation a lot. I also like the way you cook, simple, healthy and delicious. Congrats on the good news.
    I am also having these pregnancy cravings and when I chanced upon these ice creams, I loved them. I made them and enjoyed them…they came out very nice and are healthy as you mentioned. Thanks! Wish you good luck…Keep posting more…as and when you get the time to 🙂

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