Masala Karela Subzi

Karela in English is called as Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd is one of nature’s gift to mankind. It’s very bitter in taste but has a lot of health benefits. Karela is been used in medicinal purposes from ancient times. Studies have shown that eating karela helps in digestion. It is also very beneficial for patients with diabetes. While I was growing up I would never eat this vegetable like many kids but now I realize it’s value; I realize what Mamma says is right. My Naani (Grandma) would drink juice of karela on an empty stomach every morning. My God! But that shows her willpower to remain healthy. Fortunately my husband likes to eat karela so I try to make it once a week.

Karela after boiling in salt water


4 – 5 Karela
1 small onion
1 medium tomato
1 – 2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp dhania/jeera combo powder
2 tsp chili powder or per taste
1 tsp haldi powder
1 – 2 tsp amchur powder
1 tbsp oil
1 tsp rye or rai
Salt per taste

Slit karela like you will be stuffing and sprinkle generous amount of salt and keep it aside for a couple of hours. Then rinse int under water and squeeze the excess water. Bring water to boil, add salt to it and drop these karela into it. Let it soften. Then drain the water, rinse it again under water, then squeeze the excess water. This removes some bitterness and also cooks the karela soon.
Grind onions, tomatoes, garlic in a food processor. Heat oil in a kadai, add rye, let it splutter. Now, add the purée and let it cook well. Add the spices and the karela, mix well. Serve hot with roti.

Masala Karela Subzi

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8 Responses to Masala Karela Subzi

  1. sushma says:

    Karela/bittergourd is my fav looks very yummy

  2. sangeeth says:

    nicely clicked and looks yum!

  3. mahimaa says:

    hey this is something new to me.. love your recipes..

  4. Pic looks pretty..Must have tasted delicious too..

  5. Chana says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog, and I have a question
    that you might have the answer to?
    Where can I obtain seeds to grow karhi/curry
    leaf plants?
    Please help me with this if you can,

    • 365DaysVeg says:


      Thank you for checking out my blog. I am aware that you can get kari leaves seeds in India. In the US, Indian stores usually carry small plants in pot seasonally. You can inquire when they carry those. Other than this I do not have much information. Sorry, but I hope this helps.


  6. preet says:

    yes, will try today

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