Versatile Tomato Chutney

Garden fresh tomatoes from my actual garden in my new home

Chutney’s in general are very versatile to be used as a condiment on a variety of food that we eat. My version of tomato chutney is no exception. Tomatoes are still in season and backyard in my home sweet home has a ton of them and so I have been making this easy dish so often. It could be used a spread over toast, with idli’s, dosa’s, roti’s or even mix with rice accompanied by some papad to get that bright red colored tasty rice dish. You can also store this chutney for about a week to 10 days. The more number of tomatoes the better because, you might think that it’s too much but they shrink and get super concentrated with all the aromas and flavor that will be irresistible.


Tomatoes – 10 -15 or more
Red chilli powder as per taste
Salt as per taste
Oil 2 tbsp
rye or rai – 1 -2 tsp
Methi seeds – 1 tsp
Kari leaves – a few
Hing – a pinch

Purée the tomatoes well in a blender. No need to strain anything, everything is edible. Heat oil in a tall, thick bottom vessel. I used a indalium cooker which is similar in looks to aluminum. Add rye, hing, kari leaves, methi and let the aroma’s infuse. Then pour the purée. Be careful as the purée might splash a little bit. Mix it and let it boil well for about 20 -30 minutes on a medium flame. Just make sure to mix it from time to time and not to burn it. You will see that the puree starts to thicken and thicken. The images below show how it started to thicken after 15 minutes and then later on after 25 ~ 30 minutes.


Once it has thickened a good amount, add salt, chili powder to taste. Let it cook further until you see oil separating. That’s it, it’s that simple. Let it cool ans store it in the refrigerator and use it on everything. I promise you will be very delighted.

Tomato Chutney ready to be used on all your favorite dishes

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13 Responses to Versatile Tomato Chutney

  1. sagari says:

    chutney looks delecioussssssss

  2. Looks yummy..Lovely red color..

  3. Divya says:

    Lovely color… vibrant and beautiful! With some dosais, it would be heaven!

  4. Sonu says:

    Hey Priya, Could you please parcel me a bunch of fresh tomatoes from ur back yard? ;):)
    Lovely color of tomatoes and chutney!

  5. sushma says:

    hey thanks for this recipe..looks yummy

  6. Anjali J. says:

    good that the tomatoes grown in ur backyard. easy access :)i require them almost daily.. chutney looks so tempting..

  7. beautiful color!!!! I am not so fond of tomatoes, but this chutney looks so colorful and yummy… Will give it a try. thanx 🙂

  8. 365DaysVeg says:

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments. Try it out, they taste delicious.
    Yes, they taste good as well.
    Athisaya Divya,
    I always liked your name – Athisaya – meaning Surprising isn’t it? Your recipes are rather Athisaya too.
    Yes, you are absolutely right. With dosa’s they are tantalizing!
    Make this as an excuse and come to my place. You can pluck as much as you want.
    You’re welcome. Give it a try they will taste yummy as well.
    Yes, the weather is perfect for growing tomatoes and they grow in abundance.
    Give this recipe a try and I am sure you will become a fan of tomatoes.

  9. sandhiya says:

    oooopppsss…I love anything that’s spicy,yours looks yummy spicy and delicious

  10. Easycrafts says:

    Lovely fresh tomatoes..its always so good na to cook with fresh n self grown veggies

  11. Vaishali says:

    Priya, what a lovely color. I love tomato chutney: I usually use sambar powder in it instead of red chili powder, but your version sounds and looks amazing.

  12. viji says:

    wow!!!! what a photography, rocking with nice presentation… ur photos r too good….

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