Mini Lunchbox Sandwich

Kids. Who doesn’t love them? They are innocent, honest, full of energy and adorable. When I am with them, I feel how I wish were a kid again! They do not have any worries, free of any tension and all they care about is what to play next. Isn’t that nice? I was lucky growing up to have pretty much what I wanted because of my gifted parents and siblings albeit we all have our own struggles. But I do not have any complaints. When I fell sick or my siblings did, my parents took such good care of us that I wonder at times how can I ever repay that. It never was an effort for them to attend to our needs but was so natural. I guess this is ingrained in our Indian culture and I am so proud of it. Unfortunately, not a lot of babies are not so lucky. These days many babies are struggling for survival. They are born with birth defects, premature birth and sometimes infant mortality. I have been a child sponsor for a quiet a while now and I encourage you to become one. Just a small amount a month, makes a whole lot of difference in a child’s life which takes care of his/her basic food, health and education. I think that it is necessary for us to play our role in this society to make a difference. I am also doing this miniature sandwich for my friend Holly for her March for Babies fund raising event. Below is some more information on this event.

Want to know more about Little Wonders March for Babies Team? Fantastic!! Here is the Team Page. Any amount that you can sponsor is extremely appreciated. Please, please help spread the word and sponsor Little Wonders if you can! Thank you!

So, to all you amazing food bloggers out there, you will never know how much your friendship, comments, kind words and encouragement have saved my life (at the very least, my sanity) this winter. I am so blessed to be home with my sweet boys and I am so grateful to have them and I have been so amazed by this community and being able to be a small part of it.

If you want to see why I am passionate about this, here is a video of pieces of Cole’s first month of life. I will warn you that, though there isn’t anything gruesome in the video, it isn’t easy to watch. Again, compared to what happens to other families, I still feel so lucky. It is just a small clip – about three minutes, that covers our journey to where we are now. If you want to really see who we are you are welcome to look at our family blog here.


4 slice whole grain bread (You may use white bread)
Strawberry cream cheese
Cheese singles of your choice
Strawberry jam

Spread about a tsp of cream cheese. Add th cheese. Now spread some strawberry jam on top of the cheese. Use a cookie cutter to cut out various shapes. I used star and butterfly. Serve it to kids; it’s fun and it will be an instant hit. Leftover’s could be stored in a plastic wrap in the regrigerator.

Min Lunchbox Sandwich with blackberries

Tip: Instead of the ingredients listed above, you can make it a savory by spreading plain cream cheese, very thinly sliced cucumber, shredded carrots, salt & pepper

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8 Responses to Mini Lunchbox Sandwich

  1. sushma says:

    I loved the shape of it.. nice one..

  2. Arundathi says:

    What a great idea! Thanks!

  3. AnjalI j. says:

    this is good entry.. they look great.

  4. Love the star shape of the sandwich..Nice idea

  5. Mansi says:

    That’s a truly great cause, and I appreciate your support and enthusiasm! the sandwiches look cute!:)

  6. Holly says:

    Thank you for helping spread the word for the event! These little sandwiches are adorable.

  7. Lakshmi says:

    They look yumm, even I can eat them! 😀 I am looking for sandwich cutters now! to cut them into those nice shapes.

  8. 365DaysVeg says:

    Thanks to everyone for your comments. I truly think this posting will definitely help my friend Holly in spreading the word. Any help is appreciated.

    Lakshmi, you do not need any sandwich cutters. These are just cookie cutters. You can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond –

    Hope this helps.

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