Aloo Sandwich

Travel food ~ Aloo Sandwich

Stuffed Aloo Sandwich

Seems like this week I am having a lot more dishes prepared with aloo. My husband can eat dishes made of aloo any day, all day. I guess it probably is true for men and kids in general I suppose (no offense to anyone here). Also, when it comes to learning to cook, I have seen my friends learn to cook aloo much quicker than any other vegetable. May be because it is a versatile vegetable and could be used in umpteen number of ways. It is also one of those vegetables which comes in handy when going on trips. Something that is solid enough to keep me full yet a no fuss meal. I make aloo sandwiches which everyone in my family simply love. I remember one time my cousin tasted it and said that he can eat it every single day of his life because he liked it so much. I was very pleased. So, today I will share this simple recipe with you and I hope you too will like it and make it a part of your travel foods.

Bread slices – as many number of sandwiches you want to make. (I use whole sprouted grain bread for a healthier version)
Aloo – again depends on your sandwiches
Onions finely chopped
Ginger minced well
Green chillies finely chopped as per taste
Red chili powder as per taste
Salt to taste
Garam masala for flavor and aroma
Cilantro finely chopped
Grated carrot (optional)

Boil aloo and mash it well. Mix all the above ingredients to it. Apply butter to one side of a bread and place a couple of spoonful of the aloo mixture.


Cover it with another slice of bread. apply butter on the top of the covered bread so that it can toast and get golden brown. Toast it in a sandwich maker. Serve hot as is or with a side of ketchup/cilantro chutney.

Aloo Sandwich for The Potato Fe(a)st & The Travel Food Festival

TIP: You can also spread some cilantro chutney on one side of the bread for extra zing and also some peas along with carrot if you prefer.

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12 Responses to Aloo Sandwich

  1. Mona says:

    i usually keep mashed aloo mixture which comes very handy to me. Can make cutlets, bondas, aloo parathas or even sandwiches whenever i wish. Never added grated carrot to it anytime though, a healthy option! The pics are very good Priya 🙂 Which Camera do you use?

  2. easycrafts says:

    Lovely…its my favourite too and i can also have it any number of times..normally instead of adding carrot, i add some peas, but i guess carrot would make it more tastier. Thanks a lot for the lovely entry

  3. Jayashree says:

    Looks good…and I bet it tastes great too.

  4. vimmi says:

    I make it the same way. but with my new toaster the bread gets soggy. dont know why. With the previous one this never happened.

  5. arundati says:

    i was thinking of toasted stuffed sandwich this evening and now this!! looks yummy!!

  6. Dhivya says:

    OMG! I just wanted to take a bite immedientely! It luks delicious! That and the tikki – I am in heaven. Thanks for the great entry. I have sent you a mail. Pls check 🙂

  7. manju says:

    A cook after my own heart — I too love to make sandwiches (and pizzas) with leftover veggies and potatoes. Mine never look this photogenic, though! Delicious post.

  8. This aloo sandwich sounds great..will try it soon

  9. Irfan Polra says:

    I did make this one and believe me, its Fast and Fabulous.

  10. rachel says:

    i love aloo as well…this sandwhich looks delectable

  11. PUNEET AHUJA says:


  12. A quick and easy breakfast and great for the lunch box…will definitely try.

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