Refreshing OJ

Simple and Refreshing ~ Orange Juice


Orange is a fruit from the citrus tree. It is widely grown and comes in varieties such as navel orange, persian orange, blood orange and more. An assortment of dishes and by products could be made from Oranges. This includes but not limited to Orange oil, Orange Marmalade, Orange Blossom honey etc and of course the pure and simple Orange Juice. Being in California gives me the edge to enjoy this juicy fruit all year around although it’s season mainly starts in late fall. Almost every home here in the bay area has a citrus tree; be it a lemon, lime or orange. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to pluck the fruit with my hands from the tree and squeeze the juice. It is simple, satisfying and very refreshing.

Recipe :
(Makes 2 glasses)
6 Navel Oranges or any orange of your choice
Citrus Juice Extractor – I love my Black & Decker from Amazon. It’s compact and prefect, easy to clean.

Cut oranges into halves. Cut two layers of orange for garnish later. Use the Orange juice extractor fitting into the juicer and press on the cut side onto the juicer until all pulp is squeezed out. Repeat with the remaining oranges. I like my juice with maximum pulp; after all, they contain the most fiber. You can adjust the amount of pulp you want in this juicer. Amazing. Pour the juice in a glass. Cut into the orange piece half way and garnish it around the edge of the glass. I have also sprinkled some jeera powder (cumin) on top for extra zing.

simple and refreshing OJ

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  1. Good presentation and ur pictures are really very appealing..

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