Quasedilla is a Mexican dish which involves cooking with ingredients such as most popularly cheese and/or vegetables and/or meat, inside a flour or corn or wheat tortilla or Masa. Exactly what constitutes a quesadilla varies from region to region. There is also variation between the U.S. and Mexico, and is not universally agreed upon but there are similarities between the different versions namely that the quesadilla is cooked after being filled or stuffed, while a taco or burrito is filled with pre-cooked ingredients.

Salsa could be added to quasedilla to give you a zing. Everyone loves vegetable quasedilla’s in my family and it is very easy to make with just a few ingredients. You can add vegetables of your choice; sky is the limit for your imagination.

Corn or Flour or wheat tortillas
1 Red Bell Pepper cut length-wise
1 Green Bell Pepper cut length-wise
Some frozen corn
Canned Black beans or Kidney beans
Pickled and sliced Jalapeno peppers
grated cheese of your choice. I prefer Fontina cheese.
Salt to taste
1 – 2 tsp oil

In a pan over medium flame, saute each vegetable separately until al dente. mash the beans half way through. Then place only one tortilla on the pan. On one side of the torilla, add the vegetables. Top it with cheese and jalapeno.

Vegetables on tortilla

Fold the other half to completely cover the vegetables and cheese. Press it with a spatula so that the melting cheese will seal the ends of the tortilla and the vegetables won’t fall out. Brush it with a little bit of oil. Once the cheese has melted and the vegatables are warmed, flip the tortilla and let it warm up on the other side too. When the crust is formed a little bit and the cheese has melted well, its time to take it out of the pan. Cut it in triangles and your hot Quasedilla’s are ready to be served. Jazz it up with some fresh home made salsa.


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