It’s here… Finally!

I have finally created my blog after such a long time. I wonder which era am I living in? Oh well, without wasting much time I want to give a brief idea about what this blog is all about and why I have created it.

This blog is all about food, drinks, recipes, tips and there on. I will post simple, comforting food yet not compromising on the taste; and yes, it’s all vegetarian! Now, do you see why the title of my blog? A lot of people seem to think that being vegetarian is difficult, needs careful attention, lack many essential nutrients etc. But I am here to show the world that even for a finicky eater the recipes will satisfy their palate.

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2 Responses to It’s here… Finally!

  1. vasantha says:

    choist items explained clearly.congrats

  2. mychandu says:

    A very nice blog. Will come back to read more.

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